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safe, 100% natural, worry-free pleasure


Feeling is Believing

Try Risk-Free with our 100% Pleasure Guarantee

You decide. If it’s not the best lube you’ve ever used, get a full refund & keep the order with our thanks for trying.

best natural


hypoallergenic for
sensitive skin


an edible


Melts into a luxurious silky-smooth lubricant.

Contains no water and won’t dry out and get sticky.

Ideal for partner, solo, toy, and water play.

Doesn’t run like a liquid and stays where you put it.

A glide you don’t get with liquid lubes.

Melts in your hands and on your body.

Ingredients won’t affect your body’s natural pH balance.

Fabulous for massage.

no chemicals, parabens,
or glycerine


no stickiness, itching,
or burning


no mess, no stains,
easy to clean


Enhance pleasure with

6 natural ingredients.

Unflavoured with no taste.

Unscented with a mild cocoa aroma.

Compatible with all adult toy materials. 

Moisturize, nourish,

and sooth your skin.

Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory.

Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, Omega-3 & 6, and Vitamins A, B6, C, D2, E & K.

Vegan, food-grade, & cruelty-free.

eliminate all the things you don’t like
about using liquid lubes and coconut oil


How long does
a pod last?

Two pods are equivalent to a 4 oz/

118ml bottle of water-based lube.

Sessions per pod: partner 3+, solo

and toy 8+, massage 2+. Pods

don’t expire with time.

Is Easy!

Wash adult toys with soap and

hot water and dry with a cloth.

If you do get some on the sheets,

the use of a pre-wash spray and

washing in hot water does the trick.

for faster application place a pod in a dish & microwave
for 1 minute to melt into a luxurious warm liquid


A Scientific

After two years of collaboration with plant formulators and scientists, we perfected how to get the butters to set without using wax or additives.

To melt at body temperature, and provide the ultimate luxury in personal lubrication without causing skin reactions.

Then we developed our proprietary manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

ingredients don’t affect your
body’s natural pH balance



Pamper & protect your driest,

most sensitive areas.

Soothe & nourish after shaving,

waxing, or sugaring.

Bring tattoos back to looking like

new, and moisturize your vulva.

98% Less

Pleasure Pods come in a

discrete, non-toxic, 100%

recyclable packaging.

No other lubricant is as natural, sustainable, & environmentally responsible. Not even close!

do not use if you are
allergic to mango


not compatible
with condoms


What the Experts Say