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As the only solid to liquid lubricant, we get asked A LOT of questions about PLEASURE PODS®. Find answers to our frequently asked questions below. And if you don't find what you are looking for, simply get in touch. We will be happy to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Your Pleasure Guarantee?

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We guarantee you’ll LOVE PLEASURE PODS® or your money back.
You have 30 days after receiving your order to contact Deb at
to request a full refund.

How do I use PLEASURE PODS®?

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  1. Peel back the lid (we leave one end attached so the tray can be reused for an unfinished pod).
  2. Pop the pod out of the tray.
  3. Hold the pod in your hand, curve in your palm to apply some heat (if your hands are cold you’re going to want to warm them up before you get started).
  4. Move the pod back-and-forth and feel the plant butters melt in your hand (think of a pod like butter on toast).
  5. Apply where you want it with your hand or rub the pod directly on the skin.
  6. For a faster melt, peel back the lid and place the tray curve down in the microwave (15 seconds will start to soften a pod and 1 minute will create a liquid that’s fabulous for massage).
  7. Place an unfinished pod back in the tray, ready for next time (think of a pod like a bar of soap).
  8. HAVE FUN!

How can a lube be solid?

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PLEASURE PODS® are made from plant butters that are solid at room temperature. Activated by your body heat (or any other heat source), they are formulated to melt easily at body temperature, turning into a silky-smooth liquid lubricant.

Why did you create PLEASURE PODS® ?

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We were done with liquids and wanted a natural lube that was ideal for partner, solo, and toy play. We wanted something that didn’t run, cause a mess, or stain the sheets, and actually enhanced pleasure.

Do you offer free shipping?*

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Yes. Orders over $59 (excluding sales tax) will receive free shipping across Canada.

Where are PLEASURE PODS® made and shipped from?

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A Canadian company, we are based in Peterborough, Ontario.

What’s the difference between water-based, silicone, oils, and PLEASURE PODS®?

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Water-based lubes feel sticky and need to be reapplied frequently because they dry quickly. Silicone and oils don’t get sticky, but like all liquids they start out feeling wet and as they run away need to be reapplied to maintain a slippery glide. PLEASURE PODS® contain no water to dry out and get sticky, and don’t run away. When applied, you’re creating a protective barrier on the surface of your skin that stays where you put it and keeps you feeling lubricated, not wet or sticky.


What are the ingredients used to make PLEASURE PODS®?

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Our product is made from 6 all-natural ingredients: Mango, Cocoa, Kokum, Olive, Argan, and Rosemary.

Do PLEASURE PODS® cause itching or burning sensations?

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No. Each of our plant butters and oils has been selected for its lubricating, nourishing, and non-reactive qualities. PLEASURE PODS® contain no water meaning no preservatives, or additives are needed to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, or yeast, and they won’t affect your body’s natural pH or osmolality balance, which are the main causes of itching or burning.

Do PLEASURE PODS® contain additives, preservatives, chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, silicone, glycerin, or gluten?

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No. Absolutely not.

Are PLEASURE PODS® good for my skin?

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Yes. They’re hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, and Vitamins A, B6, C, D2, E, and K, they create a protective barrier that prevents skin from drying, supports collagen production, and leaves your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Are PLEASURE PODS® scented?

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No. The 6 natural plant ingredients create a very mild, subtle, pleasing aroma.

Product Use & Care

Are PLEASURE PODS® compatible with condoms?

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No, PLEASURE PODS® are not compatible with condoms.

How do I apply PLEASURE PODS®?

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Melt in your hand or on your body. Easy-to-hold and apply, PLEASURE PODS® are solid
at room temperature and melt easily at body temperature. The ergonomic pod design
feels right in the hand and anywhere you want to use it. The flat surface provides a faster
application for larger areas. The oval curve provides a smooth comfortable feel for more
intimate application.

What’s the melting point of PLEASURE PODS®?

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PLEASURE PODS® are activated by your body heat (or any other heat source) and start to melt at 93-94 F or 34 C which is slightly below body temperature.

Can PLEASURE PODS® be used anywhere on my body?

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Yes, anywhere: face, lips, hands, body, and hair. Use your imagination…®

How long do PLEASURE PODS® last?

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Much longer than you’ll think. A little goes a long way, so feel free to cut into smaller pieces. Place an unfinished pod back in the tray, ready for next time.

Do PLEASURE PODS® run like a liquid?

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No. They stay where you want, delivering a powerful concentration of lubrication where you put it.


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No. Using PLEASURE PODS® isn’t messy like a liquid, cream, or gel.

Do PLEASURE PODS® stain the sheets?

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No. If you do get some on the sheets, you’ll find the use of a pre-wash spray and washing in hot water does the trick.

Are PLEASURE PODS® easy to clean?

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Yes. PLEASURE PODS® stay where you put it, so clean-up is quick and easy. Toys can be cleaned with soap and hot water.

Will PLEASURE PODS® leak in my bedside table drawer?

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No. PLEASURE PODS® come in a discrete, convenient, reusable, non-toxic, 100% recyclable packaging and are solid at room temperature.

Are PLEASURE PODS® safe to use with silicone toys?

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Yes! And we encourage you to try it!

Can I melt PLEASURE PODS® in the microwave?

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Yes. For a faster melt, peel back the lid and place the tray curve down in the microwave.
15 seconds will start to soften a pod and 1 minute will melt it to a liquid that’s fabulous for

How do I store PLEASURE PODS®?

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Store in a cool dark place. Place an unfinished pod back in the tray, ready for next time.

Do PLEASURE PODS® provide the ultimate luxury in personal lubrication?

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Yes. Whatever your pleasure, PLEASURE PODS® provide a silky, consistent, long-lasting glide that isn’t affected by your body’s natural lubrication. Play uninterrupted, with enhanced pleasure and feel sensations and excitement you’re not used to.

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