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The most inspiring mid-sex-life story ever

This is a very special podcast, because it’s with a person who is so authentic and honest about what she’s been through – a rare thing indeed. Over in Canada (Peterborough, Ontario, to be specific) Deborah Porteous takes us back eight years to when she was 53, going through menopause – and had never had an orgasm. Through the love of a patient and attentive partner that soon changed.

It was through their search for a workable lubricant that Pleasure Pods, a disruptive company that produces 100 percent plant-based solid product, was born. They are now for sale at Amazon Canada, in more than 50 stores in Ontario, and this autumn became the first such brand to win the CHFA Launch Pad Award at the CHFA Launch Pad and Show in Toronto.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Highlights (there are many):

  • Deborah's history – it’s going to resonate
  • The shame, abandonment, ADHD piece (try not to cry)
  • You can rejuvenate your vagina: part 1
  • How the pandemic fueled the launch of Pleasure Pods (a moisturizer AND a lube)
  • Breaking down the ingredients and what they do
  • Why she thinks a you need to check out a modern adult sex store (she’s toured to more than 50)
  • The problem with most lubricants (silicon, water-based, hybrid, coconut oil) – in menopause, in particular
  • You can rejuvenate your vagina: part 2
  • The power of orgasms
  • Her message to women: you need to use it
  • What she has learned about abandonment and it’s impact on relationships, and self-love
  • Her ADHD journey and diagnosis (get a tissue)
  • Straight talk about what it’s been like being a GenX women
  • Why she doesn’t want to get married now
  • Her menopause experience (what happened and what helped)

Names mentioned:

  • Dr. Carolin Klein, registered psychologist and director of the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy
  • Becoming Cliterate Why Orgasm Equality Matters--And How to Get It by Nicole Prause
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