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What happens when none of the lubes on the market are working for you?

For Deb and Brain, they took matters into their own hands and created Pleasure Pods, an all-natural lubricant.

However, during their three-year journey, they found out that not all lubes are created equal and that there are things we need to take notice of!

Listen now to hear why you NEED to care about what lube you are choosing and how it affects your health!

Listen here:

PLEASURE PODS® are the first and only 100% natural lube made from plant butters (mango, cocoa, and kokum) and oils (olive, argan, and rosemary). They leave no stickiness, itching, burning, yeast infections or UTIs.

Activated by body heat, they melt into a silky-smooth liquid lube with a long-lasting glide that maximizes pleasure.

PLEASURE PODS® are made from raw materials in Peterborough, ON.

Learn more at their website:

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